Tremware makes ICE, the Intelligent Communication Engine - the engine that helps companies deliver intelligent communications. ICE automates business processes to deliver timely and appropriate information that protects and enhances the company’s brand.

Marketing and Branding

The availability of inexpensive color printers, digital cameras and personal computers have created a new challenge for marketers – How to maintain a high quality brand identity while well meaning employees and agents look for the quickest and least expensive route to create their own personalized marketing pieces.


Sales Collateral Automation

Successful companies today understand that it is critical to get sales information out to their customers and prospects in a timely manner. Traditionally, companies will assemble kits of preprinted materials combined with a personalized letter or message. To respond as quickly as today’s economy dictates, firms rely on an expensive mix of large inventories of preprinted documents and manual labor.


Business Process Automation

Business is evolving at an extremely fast rate. Unfortunately, many companies’ business processes are still manual, paper-based workflows that are as old as the company itself. When asked why there are ten steps in a process, the answer is often “I don’t know. It’s always been that way”.


Compliance / Governance

Government and Corporate requirements often dictate the format and content of messages sent to both customers and prospects. Getting the “green light” to send correspondence is often a time consuming process, delaying the message delivery as well as an additional, hidden cost that customers do not realize they are paying.


Enrolment Kits

Enrollment and Renewal kits pose unique challenges to providers and employers alike. Since there is a short window between the time an employee makes their annual selection and their enrollment materials are due, an efficient composition and production process is critical. Coupled with the fact that most kits are due at the same time of the year, substantial savings can be achieved by those who streamline these workflows.


Print Automation

One of the most important factors in maximizing your productivity is taking advantage of the equipment in your production environment. Today’s digital presses offer dynamic paper selection, an almost endless variety of paper sizes, and the ability to interface with finishing equipment that will staple, bind, or mail your documents without additional manual processes.

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